Welcome Message

Message from President
Professor LI Ho Cheung William
Hong Kong College of Education and Research in Nursing

The past 3 years brought very difficult times for most of us. Since 2019, the COVID-19 pandemic has posed considerable threats and challenges to Hong Kong and the global community. Nurses providing patient care at this critical time are working under conditions of enormous pressure, but they perform their duties with complete dedication and work together to defend the nursing profession and uphold the Nightingale Pledge. Let us pay the highest tributes to all of the nurses who have demonstrated their professionalism and commitment in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic during this time of crisis.

With the easing of the pandemic, society is gradually embarking on the road to normalcy. The Hong Kong College of Education and Research in Nursing (HKCERN) has also decided to hold its first conference cum 10th Anniversary Dinner in April 2023, hoping to provide a sharing platform for nursing professionals to discuss and address the current challenges and key issues in nursing education and research, and especially, to discuss how to nurture our new generation of nurses.

One of the objectives of the HKCERN is to advance nursing education and research in Hong Kong. Since the establishment of the HKCERN in 2012, the College’s members have been committed to raising the standards of nursing education and to research to improve the quality of nursing practice in Hong Kong. The HKCERN has also shown an enormous commitment to realising the mission of the Hong Kong Academy of Nursing to foster a spirit of collaboration in the nursing community by providing constant updates and encouraging the exchange of information among nurses and health practitioners.

Our conference theme is ‘Nurturing the Next Generation of Nursing Profession Through Education and Research: Excellence with a Soul’. We hope that this conference reminds us that the fundamental goals of education are to help young people grow, learn who they are and search for a larger purpose in their lives, and, most importantly, to turn young people into adults who are willing and able to take responsibility for their society. We also need to nurture our new generation of nurses to develop their personal strength, integrity, kindness, cooperation and compassion, and equip and empower them to make the world a better place.

It is my great pleasure, on behalf of the HKCERN, to welcome you to our first conference in April 2023. Let us together strive to cross new frontiers in nursing education and research in the near future, with the ultimate goals of nurturing our next generation of nurses with excellence and soul. Last but not least, we wish you all will have a rewarding and enjoyable time at the Conference.